The sustainable solution that transforms waste into raw chemicals

New-generation thermolysis

Using the principles of green chemistry, and replacing traditional pyrolysis, CRYMIROTECH transforms 100% of plastic waste into monomers and chemical intermediates for industry.

Because innovation is our driving force...

At last, an innovation has made it possible to eliminate one of our planet's biggest sources of pollution. Global carbon pollution, harmful and continuous. With Crymirotech, waste incineration and landfill will be a thing of the past.

Towards a new, virtuous, low-carbon cycle

Crymirotech supports waste treatment sites by enabling them to convert waste destined for incineration or landfill into primary raw chemicals. Our technology offers a complete and virtuous circular economy cycle, particularly for plastics.

Our solutions

CRYMIROTECH offers a range of tailor-made, modular industrial tools for depolymerizing waste regardless of its condition, origin or use, while providing primary raw chemicals in various grades.


Our patented, made-to-measure technology enables us to recycle all types of non-inert waste without the use of water and with low environmental impact. Crymirotech takes charge of your entire logistics chain, guaranteeing you a complete, high-quality service.

Audit & renewable Energies

We offer a complete range of services, including soil surveys, energy and 360° impact studies, Co2 audits, etc.

Monomer and chemical intermediate production

Our technology makes it possible to produce a wide range of monomers and chemical intermediates through recycling in a circular economy and short circuit.

Our commitment

Our technology offers a complete and virtuous circular economy cycle, particularly for plastics.

All plastic waste can be recycled in new cycles ad infinitum, avoiding the extraction of oil equivalents and polluting industrial processes.

Our investors

Team For The Planet

A renowned investment fund committed to innovation for the climate and the reduction of CO2 emissions support us!

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Key figures for the sector

32 Mt
Every year 31.9 Mt of waste are not recycled
65 %

Energy savings compared to the life cycle of petrosourced plastics

4 t of CO2

Eliminated per tonne of plastics recycled

100 %
100% of plastics recycled


A company with a commitment

For the past 5 years, we have been making an effective contribution to the decarbonization of industry thanks to our new-generation thermolysis innovations. As a recognized player in the circular economy, we recycle 100% of all types of non-inert, non-hazardous waste, transforming it endlessly into new raw chemicals.
Whether you're a manufacturer, a sorting center or a purchaser of decarbonated monomers, our team of experts will support you at every stage of your project to guarantee a quality process that meets your CSR requirements.