Crymirotech winner of the “Recycling our waste” call for projects

10 July 2024

The Baudelet Group, managed by Caroline and Jean Baptiste Poissonnier, is recognized as a major player in the waste recovery sector in the Hauts de France region.

Over the coming years, it aims to reinforce its leadership in this market, in particular by working with economic players and private individuals to help them implement eco-responsible management of their waste. Their aim is to encourage the creation of circular economy loops with a view to developing material and energy recovery cycles.

With 11 waste recovery sites and 22 companies divided into 4 divisions (Environment, Energy, Commerce and Well-being), the Baudelet Group employs 680 people and generated consolidated sales of €180 million in 2023. With strong growth in its 4 divisions, by 2030 the Group expects to have more than 1,000 employees and consolidated sales of €400 million.

For their subsidiary Crymirotech will be developing its first MELTA machine for landfill sites, which fits in perfectly with the group’s strategy for the circular economy and material recovery.

In 2020, in homage to the founder of the Baudelet company in 1920, the fund was created by his grandchildren Caroline and Jean Baptiste, today the group’s dynamic managers.

Very committed to the transition, they have also created a call for innovative projects based on waste recycling

For the class of 2024, the 9 finalist startups met on June 05 at in front of a jury of experts (scientists, journalists, bankers, circular economy and waste experts).

Crymirotech and its founder Maxime Lépinay were honored by winning this call for projects, rewarding 6 years of R&D, from prototype development to pre-industrial pilot.

New-generation thermolysis will soon be on the market, with a range of MELTA machines that will make it possible to produce decarbonated primary raw chemicals from plastic waste, as part of the circular economy. Only 9% of plastic waste in the world is recycled, mainly due to a lack of technological solutions. Crymirotech is that answer, and will rapidly become a global player in the recovery and decarbonization of the waste industry, as well as in the production of monomers useful to industry.

Crymirotech winner of the “Recycling our waste” call for projects
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