The whole world is affected,
Crymirotech will make it better

Our mission

why we exist
Too much of our everyday waste is classified as non-recyclable and therefore landfilled or incinerated. Crymirotech's new ionic depolymerization technology provides an effective response to this global and environmental problem. Our solutions contribute to the development of a low-carbon circular economy, while managing the end-of-life of products derived from the hydrocarbon industry.
Our unique, patented technological solution offers our partners a high value-added service, enabling them for the first time to recycle their mixed waste, which until now has not been handled by other channels.

Crymirotech enables incineration and landfill processes to be converted into virtuous processes that convert waste into reusable, low-carbon raw chemicals useful to industry. Sorting, decarbonating and transforming are Crymirotech's main missions. Our waste-to-energy and depolymerization systems have been designed not only to meet market needs, but also to help reduce negative impacts on people, health and biodiversity.

With innovation at the heart of our strategy, we have developed an innovative solution using ionic catalysts to transform non-recyclable waste into monomers and chemical intermediates, i.e., the raw chemicals used upstream in the manufacturing process of multiple products.

In this way, we are providing a virtuous response for the environment, helping to mitigate climate change, stimulate the low-carbon economy, secure supplies of decarbonated raw chemicals from the circular economy, while at the same time creating a new regional industrial dynamic.

Our values


Our high environmental and economical impact technology improves our customers' yields and profitability, while committing them to a strong CSR strategy based on the circular economy. Our modular solutions can be adapted to each individual need, enabling us to have a global impact on the environment, biodiversity and health.


Our patented solutions make it possible to achieve carbon neutrality through the production of 100% carbon-free primary raw chemicals. Our technology, the result of many years of research, finally puts an end to one of the world's most harmful problems: waste management.


Our depolymerization units are produced using materials manufactured by regional players. In this way, we support the short-circuit and circular economy.


Thanks to green chemistry, Crymirotech has become a pioneer in the depolymerization and production of decarbonated primary raw chemicals from the circular economy. Our commitment is to offer our customers the most innovative solutions that create environmental and financial value.


Excellence is at the heart of our strategy. Our unique know-how enables us to offer each and every one of our customers high-quality, high-performance and environmentally-friendly solutions. Respect for our planet, combined with the satisfaction of our partners throughout the value chain, are the essential components of our commitment.
Crymirotech guarantees 100% recycling, as well as a virtuous, carbon-free, profitable and value-creating loop.